TylerCo, Inc. the designer of the BANFAlite has launched a new and innovative product designed for T8 and T12 retro fit applications early in 2013.  The product provides energy savings opportunities for stairwells, parking garages or any area where low-occupancy / bi-level lighting is desirable with a simple lamp change.  There is no retrofit kit or new fixture required with the associated labor and disposal costs. 

Richard Ashoff, president and founder of TylerCo says, “There has never been such an energy efficient and cost effective technology for stairwell, parking structure or other low-occupancy lighting applications”. 

When California Edison approached TylerCo about solutions for energy savings in typical stairwell lighting applications that stay on 24/7, Richard applied commonsense and a big dose of creativity to build the BANFAlite. The BANFAlite gets its power from the existing fixture's T8 or T12 ballast so there is no fixture retrofit and no rewiring - just replace the 48” lamp in the existing fixture and start saving energy right now.

In a Bi-Level fixture the typical T8 lamp consumes 16 watts in low (unoccupied) and 32 watts when the occupancy sensor is active.  The BANFAlite consumes only 5 watts unoccupied and 19.5 when active.  Depending on occupancy rates a simple lamp change can result in significant reductions in power consumption.  TylerCo says customers have reported power savings greater than 90% in retrofits to standard fixtures.

Low-level lighting is provided by three bright LEDs integrated into the body of the lamp.  When the on-board motion sensor detects a change in the occupancy status it turns on the replaceable 36" T8 to illuminate the area with 14.5 watts of bright safe light for a selected period of time. 

The BANFAlite ships with a microwave occupancy sensor integrated into the lamp body.  The unique Selectable Sensor Technology (SST) lets you address special situations by selecting the correct sensor for your application.  It even allows you to remote or change the direction of the selected sensor to place an emphasis on a doorway or hallway not in the direct path of the existing fixture.  The combinations of energy saving solutions are endless.

TylerCo sees a great future for the current BANFAlite product and the company by enabling energy saving programs with a simple cost effective approach.